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Megan's Journey

There were two parts to this session. Obviously, the couples session I just posted was amazing and beautiful. However, this whole thing started from Megan wanting to document herself. She has recently embarked on a journey of weight loss, fitness, health and self love. I have known her for ten years and I always thought she was pretty with her big eyes and freckles, but we all know that getting older and putting on a few pounds can be a little traumatic. She made a decision to get healthy. Not just lose weight, but be healthy and fit. She has already been meal planning, hitting the gym and getting her plan into action. We wanted to document her now and then get back together in a year or so and show what making some life changes can do. She wanted this session to be an inspiration to keep on going and to be able to compare to the results that she will achieve over the next year. I wanted her to remember that she is beautiful today and everyday during this journey at the same time. I think she nailed her photos and looked great and I am excited to see her progress!

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