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The Roswell Mill - Roswell, GA

I love the Roswell Mill! There are several good spots throughout the area, so a lot of good variety. It's popular all year round, but one of my favorite places to shoot in the winter. The texture of the rocks and water doesn't change with the seasons, so it's a really good choice when the foliage is gone. Being that it is a local favorite--it can be super crowded at times and does require a bit of walking to get to the waterfall. 


These two images on the left are the perfect illustration of the differences in the seasons at the Roswell Mill. The woman in the pink dress had a summer session. Lots of leaves on the trees! The woman in the yellow dress had a winter session. Still so beautiful, but definitely different! 


The session to the right was done right after a snow! So pretty with snow still on the rocks. If you can safely do a session in the snow--do a session in the snow. They are gorgeous!

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