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Next stop....National Geographic

When I was first shooting, I took photos of birds all of the time. I love birds. I took a short trip to Orlando recently with one of my daughters for a cheer competition and found a trail on that had one that was highly recommended for wildlife and especially alligators. I was a little nervous about being eaten, but not enough to stop me from going. I googled how to escape from a possible alligator attack the night before, just in case. I started down the Lake Apopka trail and once I got past the half mile beside the road and close to the water--I almost immediately saw an alligator. It was close enough for me to nervous and excited, but not close enough for me to feel like I needed to run. This really was a good trail for wildlife! I saw tons of birds and a few gators in the water. I went about a mile and a half down and looked to my left and saw two alligators together that were a little too close for comfort and decided my wildlife viewing had been satisfied. I was so Every sound I heard was obviously an alligator trying to eat me. Then down the trail that I have to go back on to get to my car, I see a HUGE alligator crossing the path to go to the water. I was so laughably scared. I got out my taser and put up my camera. (After taking one more photo, of course.) I slowly walked down the path, but didn't see where the thing had gone. Once I almost got to the point where it had crossed...I ran like hell. Like I wish there were video of me because I am quite sure I looked comical zigzagging as fast as I could down the trail. There was one more big one crossing the trail that I had to run from before I made it safely back to the sidewalk leading back to the cars. Now that I didn't get eaten, whole thing is hilarious and I want to go back the next time I am in Orlando and take more pictures and try to get a little closer. :)

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