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She Said Yes!!

I have known Sadie since she was a teenager when she worked with me and I met Tyler when I shot his sister's wedding in 2017. When I saw the two TOGETHER on Facebook, I was like....hold did they end up together!? It was perfect. Sadie contacted me recently to schedule a family session for their blended little family/her daughter's 4th birthday, so we have had their session on the books for a few weeks. Tyler's mom texted me last night and said she needed to talk to me before the session because Tyler had a secret/surprise fo Sadie. I immediately knew what it was. I called her back and before I even said hello, I asked, "Is he proposing??!!" Can I tell you how nervous I get about proposals? I am not scared of missing it. I am so darn excited and nervous at the same time because it is so exciting. I seriously have butterflies in my stomach through the whole session. We planned this one to do all the family photos first and for the last couple of shots, there was a signal pose for him to pop the question. So. Many. Butterflies. Have I mentioned that I am a crybaby too? I cry at weddings. I cry at births. I cry at proposals. Not a lot. Like I am not standing there awkwardly sobbing while you are having a precious life I shed tears though. I looked over at the moms standing behind me and one has a giant grin on her face and the other is sobbing. I love all of the real life moments that I am able to share with so many people. How lucky am I that this is my job? I am over the moon happy for Sadie & Tyler and their families! Bring on the wedding and more babies!

PS-I hope her mom doesn't kill me for posting a pic of her crying. It was just to sweet not to share!

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